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Executive Producer
Michael Fisher

Gary Sacks

Michael Fisher

Original Score
Barb Morrison

Camera Work
Robert Jakubik
Ron Noel
Michael Fisher

Post Supervisor
Melissa Huffsmith-Roth

Sound Editing and Mixing
Jonathan Jetter
for Right Angle Productions

Film Transcoding
Rafik Video

Logo Design
Raygun Studio

Scott Lawrie

George Lyter

Color Grade
Irving Harvey

Additional Music
The Blizzard Twins

Associate Producer
George Lyter
Gary Sacks

Website and Graphics
Tompert Design


CGS Interviewees-01.jpg




Richard (Dicken) Acraman
Anthony Ardilio
John H. Behan
Travis Behnke
Jay Bennett
George Cabell
Angelo Cavallo
Dominic DeSantis
Charles DelOrfano
Jack Dowling
Susan Freedner

Nick Fiore
Thom Hansen aka Panzi
Audrey Hartmann
Robert L. Hartwig
Donald J. Hester
Gabrielle Horowitz-Prisco
Paul Jablonski
Vito LaSorella Jr
Patrick Lehman
Robert Levine
David H. Littleton
Richard Lorio

John Marino aka Johnny Pool
Michael J McPherson
Adrian Milton
Shirley Munnell
Louis Nelson
George O’Donnell
Michael Pinto
Juan F. Punchin
Joyce Rodgers
Robert Scherffius
Logan Slaughter





“Parade of Ships - USA Bicentennial - 
NYC - July 4, 1976” 
by C.K. Parkhani. 
Footage courtesy of Yatin Parkhani

“1976 Fire Island” 
Video by Nelson Sullivan. 
Footage courtesy of Robert Coddington, 
Dick Richards, and David Goldman

Blue Whale photos courtesy of
Fire Island Pines Historical Preservation Society

All drone footage by Michael Fisher

Additional footage and stills by Michael Fisher

“Bella Monkey” 
Footage by David Moss
No monkeys were hurt in this production.

“CG 2015 Flower” 
Footage courtesy of Manuel Rodriguez

Archival Footage

“Cherry Grove 1947-1949 Documentary”
©1949 Mary Ronin, digital restoration ©2013
Cherry Grove Archives Committee. 
All Rights Reserved. 
Contact: Troy A. Files

“1950s Cherry Grove Regatta”

“Mae Bush Footage” 
©1972-1977 Dominic DeSanto,
Digital Restoration ©2016
Cherry Grove Archives Committee. 
All Rights Reserved. 
Contact: Troy A. Files

Panzi photo by Diana Di Prima

“Camille” ©1953 by Jerett Robert Austin. Digital restoration ©2016 by
Cherry Grove Archives Committee.  All Rights Reserved.

Cukor eventually viewed Austin’s satire at a private party in his Hollywood home. Austin was born in Tennessee and moved to Manhattan in the mid-1940s. He was 68 years old when he succumbed Alzheimer’s disease in 1979. His films were preserved by a close friend and current Cherry Grove resident, Jack Davidson. The film’s existence was discovered by the Cherry Grove Archives Committee in 2015. A HD digital transfer of the original 16mm print was accomplished in 2016 by Video & Film Solutions • Rockville, MD. 

Jerett Robert “Bob/Rabitt” Austin (1911-1979) conceived and lensed Camille over several summers in the early 1950s. It was filmed on location in Cherry Grove, Fire Island, NY and at fashion photographer’s, Otto Fenn, studio in New York City. The gossip columnist and What’s My Line celebrity panelist, Dorothy Kilgallen, noted the completion of Austin’s ‘all-male’ version in her “Voice of Broadway” column in 1953. Austin “silent movie” format parodies George Cukor’s 1936 Camille starring Robert Taylor and Greta Garbo.

VFS is a vendor for National Archives Motion Picture Imaging.

No portion of this film may be reproduced, displayed, modified or distributed in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without the express prior written permission of the copyright holder. 

For permission, contact Cherry Grove Archives Collection
Troy A. Files ;

Courtesy of Diana Di Prima

All Rights Reserved.  

Unless otherwise indicated, videos excerpts and
still photography used in this film appear courtesy of
©2017 Cherry Grove Archives Collection.

An MYKNYC Production