Quote 1&2

“Coming out here with a boyfriend was like going to a whore house with your wife."

George Cabell

“Cherry Grove was the best kept secret in the gay world for decades and decades."

Thom Hansen

Quote 3&4

“We arrived at the dock and I looked down and I saw all these beautiful men in speedos and high heels and I thought I had died and gone to heaven."

Charles DelOrfano

"I always dreamed about cherry grove as a gay Shangri-La."

Paul Jablonski

Quote 5

"I went to see Cherry Grove Stories at BFI Flare London… I had the sense I was being taken back to somewhere I know, yet I have never visited Fire Island or Cherry Grove... I wanted to wrap up the cellophane film and bring it home at Christmas. To invite my parents into my world, to show them where I’ve come from, where my families sayings and oddities were created. I wanted my families to meet. To show them what has happened to us, both party and plague. To say this is where I’m from and yet I’ve never been."